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Discover the latest way to reach your target audience

Effective promotion

Walking billboards are a proven method of drawing attention to your product or service in order to increase your revenue. The wide range and interactive nature also make this a truly captivating promotional method. The promoters are flexible as well; from outfit to the way of approaching, you determine the branding experience.

Walking billboards can be combined with other promotions, such as flyering and sampling. It can be used everywhere which enables you to focus on your target audience. There’s no need for a permit and due to the low cost our clients achieve a high return-on-investment. That’s why more and more marketeers integrate walking billboards into their promotional campaigns.

Een promotie campagne waarbij Sportbedrijf Amstelveen walking billboards huurde bij AdWalk - voorkant 2


Promotion & marketing

Reach thousands of prospects with your brand and message

Gathering feedback

Learn about your target audience whilst promoting your brand


Seduce prospects to share their contact details through interaction

Festive opening

Make an unforgettable experience of opening your shop or restaurant

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How others use walking billboards

Walking billboards serve a purpose for a variety of organizations. Local shops can promote their special offers. Corporate brans can be found in busy shopping streets, malls and parks. Some companies are extra memorable at fairs and festivals. So do you have a specific goal? Let me know and together we’ll figure out the best approach for your unique situation.


We exclusively offer walking billboard promotion to guarantee the best service


Our promotors are carefully selected and trained for the best ‘branding experience’


From poster design to promotors, we can provide you with everything you need


You determine the campaign details -from clothing to style of approaching

Satisfied customers


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