Walking Billboard promotion

Promotional campaign

Walking billboards can play an important part in most promotional campaigns. Were you planning on flyering or sampling? With a walking billboard you’ll reach everyone who isn’t directly approached as well. And often, this accounts for thousands of people. It makes the opening of your shop or restaurant highly memorable. And at a fair or conference, you’ll grab all the attention. We create promotional campaigns that leverage the power of walking billboards.

For whom & when?

A fully arranged promotional campaign is most suitable for medium-large organizations. To maximize your ROI, we can do the concept creation, preparation, and execution for you. We’ll make sure that you’ll be at the perfect location with a clear message and representative, enthusiastic promotors. You are involved and we are responsible.

How do we do this?

When we know your goals, we’ll translate this to a striking promotional campaign that produces results. The target market, message, location, and approach are united to a memorable concept. Once you love the campaign concept, we’ll prepare the walking billboards and your brand ambassadors. And then it’s show time!

Curious what we can come up with?

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