Walking Billboard Rental


Want to use a walking billboard for a specific campaign? You can rent them here. This way you can reach all people at the promotion location, without having to buy, maintain, and store the walking billboards yourself. And of course there is less risk involved. Moreover, we’ll support you in maximizing the effectiveness of your use of walking billboards. Your success is our reason for existence.

For whom & when?

Renting walking billboards is often the best choice for small businesses and non-profits. Do you have your own promotors or volunteers? You can keep the costs low. Do you want to use the walking billboards only sporadically, then renting is often your best option.

How does this work?

You let us know what your plans are and we’ll take it from there. You can send us your own design or let our specialized designers do this for you. We’ll print the posters and prepare everything. You’ll have them perfectly ready when you need them. Simple as that.

Price indication:
€25 per hour
€100 per day
More = cheaper

Interested in renting walking billboards?

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