Walking billboards

What are walking billboards?

In essence, a walking billboard is a wearable poster display with LED lights and GPS. The front has a comfortable backpack construction for the promotor and leaves room for a poster above. The big poster covers the complete backside. And with one button click, you illuminate both sides for extra attention.

They might look heavy, but the steady and comfortable belt makes it feel like a normal backpack. And when you take a 5-minute break each hour, you won’t feel anything. Want to keep promoting during your break? Then you simply place it on the attached standard.

Movember promotie campagne - AdWalk 2

Why walking billboards?

Usable anywhere

You don’t need any permits

Usable anytime

Extra attention at night with LED lights

Broadly applicable

Can be used for many different goals

Highly notable

Thanks to the movement and novelty

Highly interactive

Personal contact with potential clients

Easily integrated

Strengthens most offline promotions

Simply replaced

A new poster is a new campaign

Low cost

Very cheap compared to other methods

Always delivered ready to use: posters placed and battery charged

Walking billboard specifications

Walking billboards

Height: 150 cm
Width: 65 cm
Depth: 6 cm
Weight: 10 kg
Battery life: 6 hours
Included: LED & GPS


Material: Backlit
Thickness: 0,23 mm
Back size: 1445 x 576 mm
Front size: 640 x 576 mm

Content rental package

  • Walking billboard + standard
  • Posters (front & back)
  • Water resistant carrying bag
  • Charger
  • User manual


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